Clamps for industrial tubing

Our standard range of clamps for industrial tubing cover diameters from 80 to 400 mm.

Our engineering and design department are currently developing a leak free clamp.

If the standard products do not meet your requirements, our engineering and design department remains at your disposal so that we can decide together on the type of products which would suit you best. For any further information, please contact our customer service

5 criteria can be selected to meet your requirements perfectly:

Diameter :

from 80 to 400 mm

Material :

Mild steel or stainless steel

Colors :

Paint (blue, red etc.), zinc plated, rough, preform

Fastenings :

Screw / thread insert or bolt / nut

Angle :

60° or 75°

The vast majority of our products are kept in stock, so that our customers' demands can be met with even greater efficiency (deadlines, costs etc.)

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